Care offered by St Luke’s Hospice

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Home Care

Most people are happiest and most relaxed in the familiarity and comfort their own homes, surrounded by their loved ones, and in touch with their community.  This makes palliative care nursing at home the best of all options for someone living with an incurable illness.

It’s into the patient and family’s environment that our Home Care Sisters come – to meet, assess the needs, develop trust, and practise their specialized nursing skills. She will also help carers to cope, in holistic terms, with the progression of the illness. If and when patient or family needs other than practical nursing are required, it is the Home Care Sister who, at the patient or family’s request or permission, will call upon other members of the inter-disciplinary care team to widen the circle of caring.

St Luke’s Hospice Home Care Sisters are on call to their patients on a 24 hour basis, 7 days of the week.

In-ward Care

Patients are generally admitted to our ward at Kenilworth for three reasons:  To stabilise symptom and pain control; to give families and/or carers some respite time; and for terminal care if that is their wish. Two weeks is the usual maximum period needed for in-ward care.

The ward is a relaxed and welcoming place with a full and high ratio of staff to patients. No effort is spared in keeping patients as comfortable, happy, and peaceful as possible.

In-ward nursing is multi-disciplinary, intensive, and spares no options to make the patient as comfortable and stable as possible.  It also incorporates constant communication between the care team, the patient, and their family.  No intervention is carried out without the full understanding and consent of the patient.  Their decisions are respected and supported.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care in the hospice realm is not associated with any particular religious path, registered faith, or denomination. Whatever a patient’s or family’s spiritual conviction or faith may be, there is an appropriate person on our team who will be available to listen, share, and give pastoral care and support. This can include prayer and important rituals, visualisation, reading, writing, meditation, art, crafts, as well as music and song to feed the soul.

When the body grows weak, the spirit grows stronger.  Hospice care is only complete when it includes emotional and spiritual care for someone facing the deepest and hardest questions of life and death.

St Luke’s Hospice’s spiritual care is rooted in love and respect for the patient, in dignity and honesty, in how we understand and are understood, in how we live out our lives and belong in our families and our culture.

You can find more information and resources on our Spiritual Care Team’s website


The St Luke’s Hospice Social Workers are on hand to help with problem solving which may relate to patient, and family, support and counselling as well as practical issues such as wills, guardianship of children, grants, pensions, Living Will, family support, and importantly, the care plan.

Bereavement Care

Learning to adjust to life after a loss can be difficult and may require hard work, understanding and perseverance. Some common and normal reactions to loss can be very worrying and confusing to those experiencing them. We have found that learning about these common reactions as well as exploring one’s personal and individual reaction to loss can bring some comfort and insight. Therefore St Luke’s Hospice’s care continues for those relatives and friends who wish to have bereavement support. This service is available for 13 months after a death of a St Luke’s Hospice patient. We cannot take away the pain, and we cannot grieve for you, but we can support you as you process your feelings about your loss.

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